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Hi Guys!

Just wanted to tell you that I just received my order a couple of hours ago, and OH MY GOSH, I am so VERY HAPPY!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The items are wonderful! Cannot wait to place another order with your company. Even though I am a smaller home based business, I would certainly recommend any fellow business to order from your company. Excellent product and customer service! Thank you again so very much!

Connie Beale
Deeb & Me


I just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know how lucky you are to have Arlene on your team! She is absolutely amazing! Arlene always gets right back to me via email or a phone call. I always feel like I am her only client she is working with. Which, of course I know is not the case. Her friendly attitude comes across very clearly. Thus, making me to want to send Kavio everything and anything I can! Please, let her know she is doing a great job!

Kavio is my favorite vendor for several reasons, including customer service, quality clothing, and fast turnaround from placing the order to shipping it. Thank you to the entire Kavio team!

Hoping your New Year is prosperous and filled with joy!

Jodi L. Bloechel
National Director of Sales


First Name: Milly

Comments or Questions: Hello,
i am a new customer. and i just wanted to let you know that as a customer i am very proud to know that you give back to a greater cause. i am happy to know that i am purchasing great product from a company that is stretching out a helping hand to help families and children in need. we all need to do our part and it's great to see that you are too. :)


Thank you so much!! What a great place to order from....I received a phone call within hours of submitting a question about my order - the person I spoke with was able to "solve" my problem and explained that my order would ship out today - same day service and solutions! Way to go - customer service is so important and I can tell that you take care of your customers!

Michelle Danielson


Thanks a million for sending me such clear directions about where to find a pair of Kavio shorts like the ones I found recently in a local used store.

In hopes that Kavio's apparel fits me as well as the shorts, I've just ordered a couple pair of them along with a few other items for a total of about $100 worth of merchandise.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will fit and that you'll have landed a very happy new customer!

Your Web site was a total pleasure to use, Kathleen, unlike a lot of online retail Web sites.  It was simple and clear and easy to navigate--my compliments to your Web design team!

I didn't read your return policy in case something doesn't fit, because your site makes everything so easy that I trusted a return would be equally simple to do.  Hopefully, I won't need to return anything and everything will fit great.  Oh, and BTW, it was wonderful to receive an instant discount by using the promotional discount so prominently displayed on the order pages.  

Kavio rocks!
Thanks again for your speedy and friendly service--


I recieved my order last month, and I LOVE my new clothes! The yoga shorts fit like a dream, and the shirts look so darn cute! My husband put on his plain black shirt (which is what he wears all the time) and it makes him look great). I guess we are a Kavio couple now.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for putting so much time into getting my order. I really appreciate it.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year!!

Again I thank you,
Holly Inglima


I just wanted to pass along some feedback in regards to the plus sizes you are offering now...MORE MORE MORE!! I used the pink/black #139-X000 for one of my shirt designs at a convention this month and SOLD OUT! The women were thrilled and so appreciative that they were able to buy CUTE 1X, 2X and 3X shirts with a flattering cut.

I cannot emphasize enough what a forgotten area of the market this is..we are now saturated with the American Apparel style of cuts that are (for alot of women) too small and tight..the average size of a woman in the US is 14. Your plus sizes, which are cute and look good, are PERFECT and we need more of these sort of shirts..I hope so far your sales have indicated what I am saying here..because I would love to see you expand and make shirt styles like #0217-000 larger too. I get so many requests from women for LARGER sizes..the "American Apparel" style extra large just doesnt cut it.

I would also suggest plus size hoodies. Otherwise larger gals have to buy the ones made for guys..giant boxy things with no sense of style.

Again, this is such an underserved market..there is such a bias against bigger gals..I think people assume they have no desire for anything stylish, cute and sexy. Many teenagers and young adults are plus size. They dont want to be left out. Take advantage of this. I will be ordering more of your plus size in that style and would love to offer about 4-5 plus styles if you can make them.

Thanks again
Cynthia RedTango


I just wanted to mention that I received my package today and WOW! Your product is the best I have found and I have ordered from Kiddy Kats and Classic Baby at American Apparel. There quality is no where near the quality of your product!

I look forward to doing a lot of business with your company and will be ordering more again in the next few weeks!

Bree Davis


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